Windows 10 Provisioning Packages - Bulk Enrollment

You can now enroll multiple Windows 10 devices with bulk provisioning leveraging provisioning packages. Bulk provisioning creates a pre-configured package that stages devices and enrolls them into AirWatch. To use bulk provisioning, you must download the Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD) tool (already done for you in this workshop) to create the pre-configured packages. This enrollment flow is the only way to enroll a device with a standard user account. Without admin permissions, you can only enroll a standard user account with bulk provisioning.

Before getting our hands dirty, let's see the end-user's experience with bulk enrollment:

1. Launching Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer

Launching Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer

On the Windows 10 desktop, launch Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD).

2. New Provisioning Package

  1. Select Advanced provisioning
  2. Enter your project Name as "Enrollment"
  3. Click Next

2.1. Common to all Windows Editions

Common to all Windows Editions
  1. Select All Windows desktop editions
  2. Click Next

You have the option of picking which Windows editions you plan on deploying your provisioning package. For example, if you only plan on deploying to Windows 10 Mobile, make that selection. In the next steps you will only see the settings which can be applied to Windows 10 Mobile.

2.2. Importing a Provisioning Package (optional)

Importing a Provisioning Package (optional)
  1. Click Finish

If you have a previous provisioning package you can upload it at this time.

3. Workplace Enrollment Package

  1. Expand Runtime settings
  2. Expand Workplace
  3. Click Enrollments

We will configure Workplace Enrollment into our HOL environment. Provisioning packages can also be used to pre-configure other settings on the Windows 10 devices such as installing/removing applications, certificates, and policies.

3.1. Switch to AirWatch

Switch back to Firefox to get to our AirWatch environment

  1. Click Groups & Settings
  2. Click All Settings

3.2. Staging and Provisioning

  1. Expand Windows
  2. Expand Windows Desktop
  3. Click Staging and Provisioning
  4. You will copy and paste all of the fields into WICD. Start by copying the value for UPN.

When enrolling with Bulk Enrollment/Runtime Provisioning the staging account is pre-populated in AirWatch. The format is unique at each Organization Group. e.g. [email protected], where GroupID is the Group ID for your Organization Group.

3.3. UPN

  1. Paste the UPN which was copied from the AirWatch console.
  2. Click Add

3.4. Workplace Enrollment Information

  1. Expand UPN
  2. Select and paste the remaining values from the AirWatch console.

Note: Be sure not to copy any spaces when copying and pasting from the AirWatch console.

4. Export Provisioning Package

Export Provisioning Package
  1. Click Export
  2. Click Provisioning Package

4.1. Package Settings

Package Settings
  1. Click Next

4.2. Package Save Location

Package Save Location
  1. Click Next

4.3. Build your Package

Build your Package
  1. Click Build

4.4. Build Successful

Build Successful
  1. Click on the Output Location to open the folder containing our Provisioning Package (.ppkg)

5. Run your Provisioning Package

Run your Provisioning Package
  1. Double click Enrollment.ppkg

Note: The .ppkg (RunTime Provisioning Package) is the only file needed when deploying to end-user devices. You can host this file on a network share, removable media, email to the end-users, or even seed it into a WIM (Windows Image) file. Notice that the enrollment package is simply 6 KB.

5.1. Trust Source

Trust Source

You can choose to run this file or not. If you choose Yes, add it, your device will be enrolled. If you enroll be sure to un-enroll your device before moving on to the next sections.

6. Bulk Enrollment Overview

  • To leverage Bulk Enrollment, you must create a Runtime Provisioning Package leveraging Windows Imaging Configuration Designer.
  • You can use Runtime Provisioning Packages for many other use cases as well as enrollment.
  • All devices are enrolled into the configured Organization Group and all devices are enrolled to the staging user's account.
  • To automatically map the devices to the correct end user, register the devices per user or using a bulk import (mapping users to devices' serial numbers) before creating the provisioning package. Refer below for both options.

Mapping Devices to Users

Option 1: Navigate to Accounts > Users > List View and select the user you want to add the device to the user's account.

Option 2: You can also bulk import a spreadsheet with user accounts and device serial numbers. Navigate to Accounts > Users > Batch status and select Batch Import.