Windows 10 Restrictions Profile

1. Create a Restriction Profile

1.1. Navigate to the Devices Profile List View

Navigate to the Devices Profile List View
  1. Click Devices
  2. Click Profiles
  3. Click List View
  4. Hover your mouse over Add
  5. Click Add Profile

1.2. Add a Windows Profile

Click on the Windows icon.

1.3. Add a Windows Desktop Profile

Click on Windows Desktop

1.4. Define the General Settings

Define the General Settings
  1. Click on “General” if it is not already selected.
  2. Give the profile a name such as “Windows Restrictions” by entering the string the in the “Name” field.
  3. Copy the profile name into the Description field.
  4. Click in the Assigned Smart Groups field.  This will pop-up the list of created Smart Groups. Click on the "All Devices" Smart Group you created in a previous step.

NOTE: You do not need to click SAVE AND PUBLISH at this point. This interface allows you to move around to different payload configuration screens before saving.

Click to the NEXT STEP in the lab manual to continue configuration of the profile.

1.5. Select the Restrictions Payload

Select the Restrictions Payload

NOTE: When initially setting a payload, a "Configure" button will show to reduce the risk of accidentally setting a payload configuration.

  1. Click on the "Restrictions" payload in the "Payload" section on the left.
  2. Click the "Configure" button to continue setting the Restrictions payload.

1.6. Adding a Restriction - Disable Cortana

Adding a Restriction - Disable Cortana
  1. Using the scroll bar on the right, scroll down to the "Device Functionality" section.
  2. Click on Don't Allow on the "Cortana" line
  3. Notice the "10" on the right side of the Restrictions window.   These are all the restrictions that AirWatch is able to apply to a Windows 10 device.
  4. Click Save & Publish

Note: Take some time to view all of the restrictions which can be applied to the Windows 10 devices.

1.7. Publish the Restrictions Profile

Publish the Restrictions Profile

Click Publish

1.8. Verify the Restriction Profile Now Exists

Verify the Restriction Profile Now Exists

You should now see your Restrictions Profile within the List View of the Devices Profiles window.

NOTE:  If you need to edit the Restrictions Profile, this is where you would come back to in order to do so. To edit the profile, click the profile name then select "Add Version", make your changes and click "Save & Publish" to push the new settings to the assigned devices. Feel free to explore the options available and continue to the next step when you are prepared to end the Module.