Lab Guidance

Welcome to AirWatch Hands On Labs! If you have questions please alert a proctor.

1. Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you would like to jump around, please feel free to select the Table of Contents button and jump to the section of your choice.

Navigating the Manual

Use the arrows to move forward and backward through the manual.

3. Copy the Text from manual and paste it in VLP console

For this lab, you can copy and paste some text from the manual to avoid any typos and also to save some time. Please note that you need to be in the Full Screen mode of the VLP lab to access some of these options.

3.1. Highlight and copy the text from manual

Highlight and copy the text from manual
  1. Highlight the desired text from the manual and right click on the highlighted text.
  2. Click on Copy.

3.2. Paste the text in the desired area

Paste the text in the desired area

Navigate to the desired area in the VLP console where you would like to paste the text. Then:

  1. From the top right corner click on the button SEND TEXT. (Note: make sure that you are in full screen mode if this option is not visible).
  2. In the pop out box, right click and select the option Paste.

4. Device Reminder

Device Reminder

For event attendees there may be devices such as iPads available for check out and use with this lab.  Please check with your lab captains, proctors, or session instructors if you do not have one and wish to use one.

As a reminder, if you are using your own device, please ensure you have reviewed the legal disclaimers to this lab!

5. Pre-Requisites

To successfully complete this Hands-On Lab, you'll need to ensure you have the following pre-requisites:

  • An IOS device running IOS 8.0 or later that can be used for testing.  
  • An email generated by the Hands-On-Lab system which contains your Group ID and enrollment information.
  • An iTunes account which can be used to "GET" free IOS applications from the Apple App Store.  

WARNING:  Completion of this hands-on lab will require enrollment in an AirWatch environment.   Our lab guide walks you through agent-based enrollment.  Please ensure you use a test device that has no pre-existing data, apps and profiles, or ensure you make a backup of your device ahead of time.