As seen, role based access allows you to configure what actions are available for both AirWatch administrators and users.

Administrator Roles define what functionality each admin had access to. This provides a more focused admin experience, ensuring your admins with limited permissions are only granted access to the items that they need for their day-to-day tasks. It also helps prevents unwanted changes by limiting what actions can be accessed by admins using certain roles.

User Roles define what actions users are allowed to take through the AirWatch Self Service Portal. Limiting these options can also help prevent your users from taking unwanted action, such as un-enrolling their own devices.

Experimenting with these roles and finding the right solution for your administrators and users is important to enable them with the appropriate access they need while ensuring they do not have access to unneeded actions. These roles can be easily removed, added, or changed when you need to adapt your use cases.

This concludes the AirWatch Console Roles module


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