Enterprise Wipe Device From Self Service Portal

Since we've enabled our end users to Enterprise Wipe their devices from the Self Service Portal, we will now un-enroll our iOS device by performing an Enterprise Wipe as an end user.

1. Enterprise Wipe the Device

Enterprise Wipe the Device

Next, we will Enterprise Wipe the enrolled device from the self service portal.

NOTE - Enterprise Wipe IS NOT a factory reset of the device, it will only remove the data that has been delivered to your device through AirWatch.

Click Enterprise Wipe.

1.1. Confirm Enterprise Wipe

Confirm Enterprise Wipe

Confirm the Enterprise Wipe by clicking OK.

1.2. Accept the Pop-Up Message

Accept the Pop-Up Message

Click OK acknowledge that the Enterprise Wipe command was successfully sent.

1.3. Logout of the Self Service Portal

Logout of the Self Service Portal

Click Logout.

2. Verify the Device Un-Enrollment

Verify the Device Un-Enrollment

Press the Home button on the device to go back to the home screen. The applications pushed through AirWatch should have been removed from the device.

NOTE - The App Catalog and any settings pushed through AirWatch management should have been removed. The Agent will still be on the device because that was downloaded manually from the App Store. Due to lab environment settings, it may take some time for the signal to traverse through the various networks out and back to your device.

3. Verify the Device Un-Enrollment in AirWatch Console

You can confirm that the device was un-enrolled through the AirWatch Console, as well.

  1. Click Devices.
  2. Click List View.
  3. Find the device you enrolled, you may need to scroll to the right to view the Enrollment status.
  4. Confirm the Enrollment status is showing as Unenrolled.


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