Review Your Configuration in VMware Identity Manager

In one of the previous sections, we configured Workspace ONE Getting Started Wizard from the console. The Getting Started Wizard generates an AirWatch API admin key and an AirWatch API Enrollment User Key. These API keys are used by Identity Manager to communicate with AirWatch and populate the related configurations within Identity Manager console. Let's review our configuration in Identity Manager to see where these changes are made.

Click to navigate to VMware Identity Manager Admin Console.

In your VMware Identity Manager Tenant,

  1. Click on Identity & Access Management
  2. Click on Setup

3. Validate the Configuration for AirWatch

  1. Click AirWatch to view the related configurations.
  2. Validate that you are seeing AirWatch API URL as
  3. Validate that you are seeing an API Key populated.
  4. Validate that you have AirWatch Enrolled User API Key is also populated.

NOTE - API key and AirWatch Enrolled User API Key will be different for each lab session.

4. Confirm Group ID and Save

  1. Scroll down if needed.
  2. Ensure that you are seeing your Group ID getting populated.
    (NOTE - You can find your Group ID by hovering over your organization group name in the AirWatch Console)
  3. Click Save

5. Enable App Catalog (IF NEEDED)

  1. Scroll down if needed until you see a section for Unified Catalog
  2. Select Enable if not selected already.
  3. Click Save

6. Validate Compliance Check and Password Authentication

  1. Scroll down if needed.
  2. Validate that Compliance Check is Enabled
  3. Click Save
  4. Validate that User Password Authentication through AirWatch is Enabled
  5. Click Save

7. Return to the AirWatch Console

For the next steps, we will return to the AirWatch Console and complete the Workspace ONE Getting Started wizard.

Click the AirWatch tab, which should be the first tab, on your browser to return to the AirWatch Console Login page.

NOTE - Your AirWatch tab may not be at the Login page as shown in the picture depending on your previous steps.