Log into Workspace ONE Catalog

1. Launch Workspace App

Click on the Workspace app to launch.

2. Create a Passcode (IF NEEDED)

If you do not already have a device passcode set on the iOS device, you will receive a warning message before being able to access the Workspace ONE app. Please navigate to Settings > Passcode > Turn Passcode On, to setup a new passcode, then return to Workspace ONE.

3. Validate App Service Host URL from AppConfig

This is the value that we entered for the key AppServiceHost while configuring the deployment options for Workspace ONE. This is how easy it is to pre-configure the Workspace ONE app for a seamless end user experience.

  1. Validate that the pre-populated URL is https://holmam.vidmpreview.com
  2. Tap Next to continue.

4. Select domain as corp.local

  1. Select domain as corp.local
  2. Check the box to Remember this settings
  3. Click Next

5. Enter Credentials

  1. Enter username as "aduser"
  2. Enter password as "VMware1!"
  3. Ensure that you are seeing corp.local as the domain.
  4. Tap on Sign in

6. Enter Workspace ONE

Whenever you see the message Your Workspace is ready, tap on Enter.

7. Accept the notifications prompt

Tap Allow to enable Notifications for Workspace.