Additional Reading

Integrate with Jenkins in Master-Slave Configuration

In this configuration, a master node serves as the central controller, and assigns build jobs to the slave node(s). If using a master-slave configuration for Jenkins, the VMware AirWatch plugin requires the Copy-To-Slave plugin to work. The Copy-To-Slave plugin copies the builds from slave(s) to the master, and then you can use the VMware AirWatch plugin to deliver new builds.

Limitations with the current version of the Plugin

  • The plugin configuration does not support variables for the Jenkins environment. Use the full, qualified path to the application build file.
  • The system does not extract the icon from the IPA when uploading files using the plugin.
  • The plugin defaults to All as the supported iOS version instead of specific version that the app supports.
  • The slave node does not support the plugin in a Master-Slave configuration of Jenkins.

Plugin for other Continuous Integration solutions

The plugin discussed in this lab was designed for Jenkins. However, to get support for a different continuous integration solution, you can always build a custom plugin. The VMware AirWatch plugin for Jenkins is composed of certain VMware AirWatch REST APIs called in a specific order: