Jenkins is an open source continuous integration solution that you can integrate with AirWatch to help manage lifecycle of internal applications. You can now have complete control over different phases of your app deployment, right from application build, testing to application release and retirement of old versions. By automating this end-to-end flow, your application testers and end users will have access to the latest app features and fixes keeping all the AirWatch Mobile Application Management (MAM) enhancements intact without any AirWatch admin activities involved.

In this lab, we will:

  1. Add VMware AirWatch App Deployment Plugin to Jenkins build server.
  2. Configure the plugin to integrate Jenkins build server with AirWatch for lifecycle management of internal apps.
  3. Enroll an iOS device to test the plugin functionality.
  4. Test the plugin to update the internal app and validate that on the enrolled device.
  5. Test the plugin to delete an old build from AirWatch.
  6. Learn more about the current version of the plugin.