Web App Deployment

Web applications are useful for navigating to complex URLs with many characters. You can place Web application icons on the springboard to minimize the frustration with accessing these website. These icons connect end-users to internal content repositories or login screens, so end-users do not open a browser and type out a long or complex URL.

1. Add Web App from AirWatch console

Continue to walk-through the process of adding a Web app through the AirWatch Console.

Back to the AirWatch Console,

  1. Click on Apps & Books
  2. Expand Applications
  3. Expand Web
  4. Click Web Links
  5. Click on +Add Application

1.2. Select Platform

  1. Select platform as Apple iOS
  2. Click Continue

1.3. Enter Details

  1. Click on Details if not selected already.
  2. Enter Name as "VMware"
  3. Enter URL as "https://www.vmware.com"

1.4. Add an image

You can associate an icon with your web app so that it is easily distinguishable from the other native apps. Having an icon in alignment with your organization branding guidelines helps your end users to easily identify them and results in better end user experience. Refer to the Branding HOL to learn more about how you can customize the managed content via AirWatch.

  1. Click on Images
  2. Click on the placeholder to add Icon
  1. Expand Documents
  2. Expand HOL
  3. Click on Intro to MAM
  4. Select VMware.jpg
  5. Click Open

1.6. Validate the icon

Confirm that you are now seeing the VMware image file as the icon for the web app.

1.7. Configure Assignment

  1. Select Assigned Groups as All Devices ([email protected])
  2. Select Push Mode as Auto
  3. Click on Save & Publish

By configuring the Push Mode to Auto, the web app will be installed automatically on the device.

1.8. Publish the Web App

Click on Publish to continue.

1.9. Validate the Web App in AirWatch Console

Validate that you are now seeing VMware web app for iOS added in AirWatch Console.

2. Access the Web App from enrolled device

Now that the Web app is added to the AirWatch Console and published to devices, let's view and interact with the Web app from our device.

2.1. Confirm the Web App Installation

As soon as the device checks back in with AirWatch, a bookmark / web-clip will be installed for the web app VMware we just configured.

2.2. Launch the Web App

Tap on the Web app to launch Safari to display the VMware Homepage.

NOTE - The Homepage may differ from the screenshot.