Different types of applications - Internal / Public / Purchased / Web Apps

Depending on the type and mode of deployment, AirWatch classifies applications as Internal, Public, Purchased and Web apps.

  • Internal Apps - These are internally developed apps and uploaded directly to the AirWatch console or can also be imported from an external app repository. These applications are also known as Enterprise apps.
  • Public Apps - These apps are available on respective app stores of the platforms i.e. App Store, Play Store, Windows Store etc.
  • Purchased Apps - These apps are categorized as VPP (Volume purchased program) and Custom B2B apps. VPP allows businesses and educational institutions to purchase publicly available iOS applications. However, custom B2B apps are specifically developed third party iOS applications in volume for distribution to corporate devices.
  • Web Apps -They provide end-users a way to access a URL directly from an icon on menu of their device.
Platform/ Type Internal Public Web Purchased
Android X X X
macOS X
Windows Phone X X

Windows Desktop X X X