Safari Domain Profile Configuration

In this chapter you create a Per-App VPN profile and deploy an Application configured to use the VPN Tunnel on iOS.

1. Add a New Version to the iOS VPN Profile

In this step you will update the iOS profile created in the first step to include Safari domains.

1.1. Update the Per-App VPN Profile

Update the Per-App VPN Profile

Return to the AirWatch Console.

  1. Click Devices.
  2. Click Profiles & Resources.
  3. Click Profiles.
  4. Select the edit icon next to the Per-App VPN profile.

1.2. Add Version to update the existing profile

Add Version to update the existing profile
  1. Click Add Version to allow editing.
  2. Select the VPN payload on the left hand side.

1.3. Configure Safari Domains

Configure Safari Domains
  1. Enter "" in the Safari Domains list.
  2. Click "Save & Publish".

NOTE - They syntax for Safari Domains does not require a wildcard character. Enter only the domain hostname to whitelist the entire domain to initiate VPN in Safari.

1.4. Publish the updated VPN  Profile

Publish the updated VPN  Profile

Click Publish.