AirWatch Console Configuration - Publish VMware Tunnel

In this chapter you will create a Per-App VPN profile and deploy an Application configured to use the VPN Tunnel on iOS.

1. Create an iOS VPN Profile

In this step you will configure the iOS profile that will be delivered to the device to configure the VMware Tunnel Client on the device to allow only designated applications to access content on internal servers. If you completed the previous module already, "Introduction to AppConfig", then you have already created the Per-App VPN profile and you may use the iOS Per-App VPN profile created in that lab. You may still walk through these steps if you'd like.

1.1. Add a New Profile

Add a New Profile
  1. Click Add.
  2. Click Profile.

1.2. Select the OS the profile will be used for.

Select the OS the profile will be used for.

Click Apple iOS

1.3. Configure the General Properties of the Profile

Configure the General Properties of the Profile
  1. Enter "Per-App VPN" as the Name.
  2. Select All Devices ([email protected]) as the Assigned Smart Group.

1.4. Add a VPN Payload

Add a VPN Payload
  1. Click VPN from the Payload menu.
  2. Click Configure to access the VPN payload settings.

1.5. Configure the VPN Payload

Configure the VPN Payload
  1. Select VMware Tunnel from the Connection Type dropdown.
  2. Check the Enable VMware Tunnel box.
  3. Click Save & Publish.

1.6. Publish the VPN  Profile

Publish the VPN  Profile

Click Publish.

2. Add the VMware Tunnel Client as a Public Application

In order to leverage the VPN profile, the VMware Tunnel Client must be installed on your device. We can leverage AirWatch to deploy the client as a managed application to the device This step will walk you through the process of adding the client application to the AirWatch Console to automatically install on enrolled devices. Please note, while it is required that the Tunnel client application is installed on any device using Per App Tunnel, it does not have to be a managed application. Users can download the VMware Tunnel client from the App Store.

2.1. Add a New Public Application

Add a New Public Application
  1. Click Add
  2. Click Public Application

2.2. Search for the Application to Add

Search for the Application to Add
  1. Select Apple iOS from the Platform dropdown.
  2. Enter "VMware Tunnel" in the Name field.
  3. Select Next.

2.3. Select the VMware Tunnel Client from the Search Results

Select the AirWatch Tunnel Client from the Search Results

Click Select on the VMware Tunnel application.

2.4. Click on Save & Assign

Click Save & Assign

2.5. Add Assignment

Click Add Assignment

2.6. Assign Groups and Delivery Method

  1. Select Assignment Groups as All Devices
  2. Select App Delivery Method as Auto

2.7. Configure the Application Policies

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Policies section.
  2. Select Enabled for Remove On Unenroll
  3. Click Add

2.8. Save & Publish

Click Save & Publish

2.9. Publish the Application

Publish the Application

Click Publish