Enabling VMware AirWatch School Manager

In this section we will enable AirWatch School Manager functionality in your AirWatch environment.

1. Enter Devices Settings

Enter Devices Settings
  1. Click Devices.
  2. Click Devices Settings.

2. Enable AirWatch School Manager

Enable AirWatch School Manager
  1. Under Devices & Users, click Apple.
  2. Click Education.
  3. Select Override for Current Setting.
  4. Select Enabled for Enable Education Features.
  5. Select AirWatch for the Class Source.
  6. Click Save.

3. Enter Security PIN

Enter Security PIN
  1. Enter the Security PIN (e.g. 1234) that you entered when first logging into your AW environment.
  2. After inputting your Security PIN, you should see the Successful confirmation appear and automatically closes the menu.

4. Close Device Settings

Close Device Settings

Click the X in the top right corner of the Settings screen to return to the Device Dashboard.